Selected policy work is linked below, shorter pieces (including press releases) are listed on my IFS webpage.


Children’s exposure to TV advertising of food and drink (with Rachel Griffith, Martin O’Connell and Rebekah Stroud), IFS Briefing Note BN 238, May 2018.
Coverage: New York Times | Financial Times | The Independent | The Times

Proposed minimum unit price for alcohol would lead to large price rises (with Rachel Griffith and Martin O’Connell), IFS Briefing Note BN 222, December 2017.
Coverage: The Economist | The Times | BBC | The Guardian | The Independent

The exposure of households’ food spending to tariff changes and exchange rate movements (with Peter Levell and Martin O’Connell), IFS Briefing Note BN213, July 2017.
Coverage: The Independent | Bloomberg

Using taxation to reduce sugar consumption (with Rachel Griffith, Melanie Lurhmann and Martin O’Connell), IFS Briefing Note BN180, March 2016.
Coverage: BBC | Financial Times| The Independent

Food expenditure and nutritional quality over the Great Recession (with Rachel Griffith and Martin O’Connell), IFS Briefing Note BN143, November 2013.
Coverage: BBC | The Guardian

Book Chapters

Excise Duties (with Peter Levell and Martin O’Connell), in The Green Budget 2016 (eds.) C. Emmersen, P. Johnson and R. Joyce.

Presentations and other engagement

Tax policy and entrepreneurshipR&D seminar series, BEIS, September 2019.

How do small business owners respond to the tax system?IFS Event, June 2018.

Oral evidence to the Health and Social Care CommitteeUK Parliament, January 2018.

Indirect Tax and Consumer BehaviourHMT & HMRC Tax Policy School, September 2017.

The Soft Drinks LevyIFS Post-Budget briefing, March 2016.

Excise DutiesPresentation at the IFS Green Budget 2016 launch, February 2016.